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MLA Officials provides training and assigning for High School Boys Lacrosse in Montana.

Contact for more information, or see the Officials area on this website.


There is not a similar High School Girls officials training, nor assigning process.  Please contact the Girls game commissioners for current Officiating practices.


Youth officials are assigned locally.  When you host a Youth event, please ensure you identify officials.

We can help: In the event you wish to invite HS officials to help with Youth level games, please make a request to to send out an "Help Wanted" announcement on your behalf.

Please include:

  1. Schedule and location of your event
  2. Key contacts
  3. Any other details that officials may find helpful

We STRONGLY recommend you contact us a few weeks in advance.



  • MLA maintains a payment rate schedule for Officials.  It is posted on this web site.
    • PLEASE NOTE - Rate are higher for those who are Current, USL Certified officials.
  • Local events can arrange their own payment process.
    • RECOMMENDATION - Local events pay officials onsite at the conclusion of the contest. Most clubs have a payer available with a check book at the event for this purpose.  Others hosting clubs choose to mail checks out following an event. 
    • Tracking actual games officiated, not just games assigned helps to avoid payment errors.
    • Please communicate your process to the officials.



  • NOTE - There is a fee that HS Boys teams pay per game to cover Official's mileage.
  • You may wish to compensate for mileage - to attract officials.