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Find complete 2018 information for Girls and Boys game officials at the new Montana Lacrosse Officials Association website



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Montana Lacrosse Officials Association is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the training and professional growth of Boys and Girls game lacrosse officials in the region. We collaborate closely with US Lacrosse, the US Lacrosse Montana Chapter and all youth and high school leagues to assign certified officials to games.


We welcome new officials to train and sharpen their professional service to the game of lacrosse in Montana and other nearby states. Visit our website to learn more.


No one has ever played a perfect game, coached a perfect game, or refereed a perfect game, yet all honor the game by competing for the love of lacrosse. They respect and honor each other by the bond formed by the game.  We hope that all spectators and fans will respect and honor the game by displaying respect and sportsmanship toward all players, coaches and referees.  For the Creators game!

- Jim Carboneau, President, Men’s Division Officials Council